Why Get a Reading from Me?

You might be wondering what it is a reading can do for you, what differentiates my work from say a life coach or a therapist? If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for answers or to make a change – probably some combination of both.

To do a reading, I will ask you for permission to look at your energy. If you give me permission to see the roots of your issues, I will honor your trust and faith by going deeply and respectfully to the sources of your blocks and describing them for you from a place of neutrality.

I will not give you any advice. I will faithfully relate to you what is it your mind, body, and being are relating to me. Clairvoyance is not a perfect, verbatim transmission – but you can be sure that I will hold you in the highest regard as I do my work and that I will enlist all my resources to help you find out what you’d like to know about yourself and remove any obstacles in your path.

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