Guided Meditation

Maybe you just need an active and engaging process. The goal might be to luxuriate in an empty, formless state of consciousness, but nirvana is not a default setting for most people. There’s an old golfers’ adage: Play the ball from where it lies. In other words, we have to start where we’re at – even if it’s chaos!


Your consciousness is the sum experience of your mind and body and how present your are to the subtle energies that define that experience for you. A quiet and focused mind is something you can create for yourself by learning to see and utilize your energy – so that you can acknowledge and validate the parts of yourself that are seeking attention.


How? Through active visualization and intention, anyone can learn to harness the ability to see and heal their aura, mind and body. By learning techniques to clean your chakras, you can release old patterns of energy so that you can start to attract what you do want.

In meditation classes you can learn to:

  • Get neutral and grounded around people and situations that challenge you.
  • Own and protect your energetic space.
  • Heal and unblock your chakra system.
  • Let go of energetic patterns and attachments that don’t serve you.
  • Energize and attract what you would like to have.
  • Get your own information in present time.
  • Clear negativity from your self-image.
  • Free up more energy to be who you are and raise your happiness “baseline.”
  • See, move and transform energy in any form it takes so that you can deal with whatever arises.

Group Meditation

Group meditation is a great opportunity to find and heal matching pictures that we may share with others. In this sense, there can be collaborative healing that still allows each individual absolute energetic autonomy and space.

For Industry Professionals

meditation for healers, bodyworkers, therapists, and counselors to own their space and keep their energy clear during and after sessions. Provides a way to unpack and heal whatever comes up for you in your work. Learn to maintain personal energetic hygiene so that you can be more available while staying senior in your space.

Within the Office

Set a vibration in the workplace to create respect of boundaries, foster better communication, and mock-up goals. Find a way forward through conflict resolution. Karma means there’s matching pictures on both sides. When everyone can own and release their pictures, inter-personal stumbling blocks can be released though ownership and neutrality about the self and other parties.

For Creatives

To resolve any subterranean blocks that prevent the creative from expressing themself with freedom and flow.

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